Residential laundry services

At Wash World Laundry Services, we know you have many demands to juggle every day. By starting our home laundry service, you will have more time to devote to other things like family, work and recreation.

Complete Your Laundry in 4 Easy Steps!

Collect laundry

You collect your laundry.

Residential laundry pick up.

Wash World picks your laundry up.

Residential laundry service

We wash, dry and fold your laundry.

Residential laundry delivery

We drop your laundry off.

Residential Laundry Done and Delivered in Less than 48 Hours

Your laundry is done to your exact specifications and will never be combined with other orders. We’ll sort, pre-treat, wash, dry and fold or hang your items and deliver them back to you within 48 hours.

Residential Laundry Specialists

Have a special request?

No problem. Just ask!

Download form now.

We also offer ironing and dry cleaning. We will even press your sheets to your specifications if you prefer!

Our detergent and softeners are high quality and hypoallergenic. Our equipment is high-efficiency and energy conscious.

Set Up Your Laundry Service

  • Call (402) 346-0238 to arrange for weekly or “as needed” pick-up.
  • Load laundry into bags provided & complete ID information.
  • Note any special requests. Download Form
  • Indicate items to be ironed or dry cleaned.
  • We pick up your laundry & dry cleaning.
  • Less than 48 hours later all item are returned ready to go!


Standard laundry (clothing, towels, sheets, etc.) is $1.90 per pound. A single load of laundry (like you'd do at home) usually weighs about 12 pounds.

12 pounds of laundry could contain:

• 4 t-shirts

• 7 pairs of underwear

• 1 pairs of jeans

• 1 pair of shorts

• 6 pairs of socks

• 3 button down shirts

• 1 towel


Laundry Services BrochurePrices include delivery. (There is a $35 minimum order.)

The following items are priced per item and are not included in the initial weight:

  • Special items (comforters, blankets, rugs, etc.)
  • Items to be ironed or dry cleaned
  • Linens to be pressed
  • Dry cleaning

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